Gia...Giamas Fruit Preparation for Drinks and Cocktails

100% natural fruit
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The drink must not only contain real fruit and be refreshing, healthy and delicious but it must also convey the awareness of being trendy and fashionable. With the Gia ... Giamas jar in hand, your customers will always have the feeling of being in a place by the sea on the most exclusive beaches. The particular flavors of our purees will allow you to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails for all tastes, for all palates and for all ages. For a breakfast, a snack or an aperitif with a fresh fruit flavor, there will be no other place your customers can go

  1. It is delicious and healthy: 100% natural fruit, gluten free - GMO-free - no preservatives or additives - no fat hydrogenated, nor palm oil.
  2. It is easy and quick to prepare: just pour the preparation of real fruit Gia...Giamas in the appropriate jar up at the J-R mark (33 ml), add water up to the W-S mark (240 ml) mix well and add 4 cubes of ice up to fill the jar.
  3. A product, many recipes: each cocktail can be customized as prefered.
  4. Also ideal for alcoholic cocktails: just add prosecco or any spirits instead of water to create an infinite range of fruit-based alcoholic cocktail.
  5. No machine: for the preparation of exclusives Gia...Giamas cocktail no machine or dedicated equipment is necessary.
  6. High profit margins: the cost per portion is low. The selling price is about 5 times the cost per portion.


Lemon Peach
Tangerine Apple and Pomegranate
Strawberry and lemon  

Peach Gia...Giamas

Strawberry and lemon Gia...Giamas

Apple and pomegranate Gia...Giamas

  • Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature
  • Packaging: 1,3Kg bottle (100% recyclable) - Nr 6 bottles for box
  • POP and ADV material: Desk panel, menu and glass
  • Suggested machine: preparation without machine


Fill the 580 ml jar-glass with the Gia...Giamas fruit preparation of the preferred taste up to the J-R mark, add water up to the W-S mark, mix well and add 3/4 ice cubes to fill the glass

Pour 33 ml of preparation for
Gia...Giamas in the jar
confezione da 30 g 
Add 240 ml of
water and 4 ice
1 tazza 

Nr 30 portions of
580 ml

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